After having the most successful month I’ve ever had in my sex work endeavors, August hit hard. I had plans of continuing to ride my wave of personal success into another month and continue strategizing for how to make that wave go long term. August started with so much great […]

A Rough Month

Fat Girl Next Door
If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know a while back I decided that I was no longer going to cater to the weight gain fantasy. It was making me uncomfortable in my skin and that wasn’t healthy for my body or mind. After that, I stuck […]

BBW Weight Gain Videos on My Own Terms

Sydney's Sissy Slut Submissive
Not a day goes by without someone referring to My slaves or submissives as “lucky.” The idea that these individuals who are serving Me are “lucky” is ludicrous to Me. I didn’t just magically fall out of the sky and into their lives. They didn’t email Me and get an […]

The Myth of Lucky Submissives

So, believe it or not, having a back-log of videos is actually relatively easy to accomplish…somewhat time consuming, but the easiest and most fun (for me, at least) . This is coming from someone who has 1-very little “free” or “extra” time, 2-has at least 3-6 months of back-logged content […]

Porn How-To: Making a Back-Log of Videos

Cam Girl Virtual Bake Sale
Recently, a friend and member of the Las Vegas sex worker community fell into some really hard times. Like life altering hard times. I can’t really go into much detail, but it’s safe to say that she cannot go back to her previous life without a lot of changes made. […]

Virtual Benefit Bake Sale

Lily Cade & Sydney Screams
I hadn’t really planned on attending the AVN Expo, even though I’m a local to Las Vegas. My plan was primarily to go and hang out at the bar after the expo closed so I could see friends. I didn’t really feel like paying to attend somewhere that wasn’t really […]

My First AVN Expo – AVN 2017

Climbing rocks during my road trip to Las Vegas
1. What did you do in 2016 that you’d never done before? I moved out of Florida! Like wtf took me so long, right?! I moved across the country, over to Las Vegas. I got to attend a citizenship swearing in ceremony (so proud of cute boyfriend!) which was a […]

2016: A Year in Review

Sydney Screams as Mrs. Claus
The holidays are here! Pretty much from October through January, I’m filled with all sorts of happiness… First birthday month celebrations and Halloween, then the cool weather hits in November with Thanksgiving, finishing up with Christmas and New Years Eve. I’m especially loving this holiday season in my new city […]

Happy Holidays 2016

VR 360 Fetish Videos by Sydney Screams
I’m pleased to announce that I am now accepting custom video orders for fetish, FemDom and hardcore content shot in Virtual Reality 360! This announcement comes after a recent introduction and shoot for my first batch of Virtual Reality content that I shot with VRPornPerv, who you should totally follow […]

Now Offering VR360 Custom Videos!