How to Serve

I regularly get asked how to serve Me. Serious inquiries should read and follow the below directions. Read thoroughly, and then re-read before you email Me.

Serve Sydney Screams


  1. Serving Me does not mean you have unlimited access to My time. My time is valuable, and you will respect that or be dismissed. 
  2. Serving Me is a commitment that you should not take lightly. You will have assignments, face consequences, and receive rewards (if deserving). 
  3. I will not discuss the “gory details” nor will I consider you until you have sent a generous tribute
  4. Be prepared to pay. Serving as My pet/submissive/slave requires a financial contribution. Depending on frequency of interactions, expect to tribute Me monthly to remain in My good graces. Do not waste My time if you are unable to handle a minimum of $50/week contribution.
  5. You are responsible for My travel if you desire real time sessions. Travel includes: airfare, hotel, food, etc. Airfare and hotel will be paid up front.
  6. Sessions, whether digital or real time, will be done on My terms. I will respect hard limits and your personal kinks, but your submission to Me means that I dictate how a session will go. Real time sessions are for loyal subjects who have proven themselves worthy of My time and My attention (tributes, gifts, respect, etc.).
  7. Following directions is extremely important to Me. Should you not follow directions thoroughly, I will know and I will punish you. This starts from the moment you contact Me. 
  8. You will address Me as “Mistress” or “Goddess.”  

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 Real Time (RT) Sessions (Non-Digital Sessions)

In addition to the above guidelines for serving Me, the following rules apply for RT Sessions:

  1. I respect the privacy of all My clients. I expect the same respect be shown by clients regarding My privacy.
  2. Sessions will not be filmed unless previously discussed and written consent is given. Legal forms are required for filmed sessions (model release and 2257).
  3. All sessions are closely supervised for My safety, though not directly observed (for privacy reasons).
  4. Deposits are required. This is non-negiotable. If you have a problem with making a deposit, I have a problem with you. I understand that you may have encountered past lesser professionals who have burned you, but if this is a legitimate concern I have many references available. The deposit is applied to the overall session fee and is non-refundable if you cancel or fail to show up to a session. If I have to cancel for any reason, your deposit will be refunded.
  5. RT Sessions are a luxury, not a right. Therefore, I charge a luxury rate. Do not attempt to negotiate. I do not care if someone else charges less; if you want them go to them. You come to Me because of My reputation, training, discretion, capabilities, and beauty. I am a luxury.

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