Happy Holidays 2016

The holidays are here! Pretty much from October through January, I’m filled with all sorts of happiness… First birthday month celebrations and Halloween, then the cool weather hits in November with Thanksgiving, finishing up with Christmas and New Years Eve. I’m especially loving this holiday season in my new city of Las Vegas. So much to see and do for the holidays!

Sydney Screams as Mrs. Claus

Get in the Holiday spirit with this photo by VRPornPerv

I’m excited for this Christmas… not just because of getting to send the holidays in Vegas, but because my parents are coming to visit for a while. Cute boyfriend and I are going to show them around the city, maybe see a couple shows, and cook a big Christmas feast. And by “we” are going to cook, I mainly mean him because he’s an excellent cook and wants to make a traditional British meal (lamb, roasted potatoes, veggies, stuffing, gravy, and Yorkshire puddings). Meanwhile, I’m going to bake cookies and cheesecake and all the deliciously sweet and fattening deserts!

So for all my fans & customers, I want to spread the cheer a bit! This year, I’m offering special Holiday cards! I haven’t done this before, so I’m a bit excited. The holiday cards will include a handwritten note plus a signed photo (taken by VRpornperv) and a membership to www.SydneyScreams.xxx! If you’re in the USA, shipping is free. International is an additional $1.50. Only 25 are available, so be sure to buy yours now.

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