Draining Poorboy Jeffrey’s Wallet 

My dearest wife and long time friend, Lauren Kiley, came to visit for My birthday last week. Naturally, I had to show Her a good time. What kind of hostess would I be if I didn’t? I knew just the thing. Making one of My local fuck boys taking Us on an all day shopping trip on his dime. Fuckboy jeffrey won the lotto and had the option to take the two of Us out shopping.

Poorboy jeffrey showed up promptly at noon and started the day by painting Lauren’s beautiful toes, before slipping our shoes onto our feet and driving Us to the mall. The main goal of the day was sneakers, because I’m generous and played to jeffrey’s weakeness: sweaty, filthy feet. After teasing poor jeffrey with our feet while we tried on shoes, Lauren & I each picked a pair of sneakers…but there’s a reason why Her & I are friends. We have very similar taste. So We ended up with matching Star Wars shoes. 


Star Wars Vans

Lauren Kiley & I got matching Vans

The rest of our shopping trip on jeffrey’s dime included hauls from Sephora, more socks than either of us have need for (including the ones pictured in our new Vans slip-ons and matching Darth Vader socks with capes!), and a very pricey lunch. All on jeffrey’s hard earned money. The loser even had to break out his credit card when all his cash was spent on Us. You see, jeffrey works a blue collar job, and has a “problem.” Well, a problem for him, but really it’s quite fantastic for Me. He spends all of his money on Me. Needless to say, he’ll be eating ramen noodles all week. HAHA! 

So after a fantastic day shopping, We came home and had a very relaxing evening after sending jeffrey away. he’ll have to work double time to make up for the trip. HAHAHAAA! 

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