Birthday Princess 2

Today is My birthday! Which means that I’m having a fabulous time. Well, all month I’ve been having a fabulous time, because I don’t just celebrate with just one day, I celebrate with an entire month! But, today is my actual birthday, which means I’ve got some fun birthday celebration clips for you to enjoy!

Rebel Princess Force Spanks

Today is the birthday of Sexy Rebel Alliance Princess, Sydney Screams! But you know what that means? Birthday Spanks! The Rebel Princess’s evil, Imperial Father forces her to spank herself. As the Rebel Princess spanks herself, she begs and pleads with her father to release her and not make her spank herself with the paddle any further. One spank for each birthday… How old is the Rebel Princess turning today?

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Goddess Princess

It’s My birthday, which means your entire day should be spent worshipping Me. Your money doesn’t need to go towards your wife or girlfriend, your family, or yourself. All of your hard earned money goes towards Me. Buy this clip and tribute. You’re My submissive pet, and you’re going to make sure My birthday is absolutely fantastic.

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But of course, that’s not all you can do for Me to make My birthday extra special! You could also pay a visit to My Amazon wishlist and send me some goodies or perhaps a nice birthday Amazon Giftcard to

If you’re not into either of these clips, remember that I have literally hundreds (or perhaps thousands, at this point) of videos & photosets available on my various clip stores & websites. Large, bulk clip orders are a sure fire way to not only get yourself off but also get Me off. Not seeing something you like? Well of course there’s always the option to order a custom video!

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