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One thought on “Protected: Disconnected

  • vanssolo

    I think you’ve got a couple of sequential thoughts that are a catalyst to your conclusion.

    A. I think you’re still hurting from the silence and helplessness, you vocalized very profoundly prior to FetishCon. You wanted so desperately to help Jessie, but I think it drove your frustration to level of emotional shut down to protect yourself once it became a one-sided crusade and you got nothing back. Being someone’s best friend for 20+ years literally absorbs them into your life, they’re no longer just a “part” of it.
    I’m not sure if your trip to LA was for closure of your thoughts or validation of your conclusions, but you seemed to greatly lean that way in your writing, almost as if you’d made your mind up that the relationship you have has terminally changed.

    B. I’m a contributing factor. When you get a shiny new toy you wanna play with it a lot, and during the times you didn’t hear from Jessie you’ve confided more of your hopes, dreams & desires into me. Not strictly from a relationship stand point as two people trying to make a solid foundation, because you’ve done nothing but a stellar job of that, but as someone who needed an outlet, love, friendship, understanding & support.

    I think you’d hurt yourself a lot more if you enabled it to slowly drift into nothingness. The tenure and experiences you’ve shared together will always bond you whether you see it from her or not. Right now she is obviously in a low and you’ve upheld the true value of friendship of being there for her, I know it greatly lifted her spirit regardless of if there were visible signs of emotion or not.. You’re a great staple of stability when a friendship has lasted so long & definitely helped break her routine of sadness, when in a time she is probably pretty depressed. The kitchen & general cleanliness (personal & property) are the first things to go as they recluse.

    Regardless of any of the above, which may be valid or complete non-sense (depending on your opinion), i’m incredibly honored you chose me to be your partner and your submissive. You’re the embodiment of everything my heart, soul and mind have ever wanted, needed and desired. I am so, incredibly, lucky to call you mine & I cannot wait to kiss your lips, hold your close, love you passionately, pick you up when your down, laugh, cry and make memories together! I love you and trust you & i’ll hold your hand through it all baby.

    PS. I Love You too!!

    Mike x