Locking Him Up: Thoughts on Chastity

When I was in high school, I took a class on European History. My teacher at the time was really cool; he’d go into detail about a lot of stuff not in the text book, and one of those things (that he probably shouldn’t have told a classroom full of high schoolers…) he told us about was chastity devices worn by women. I thought it was a hilarious idea, keeping someone’s genitals on lock.

I love chastity devices. I think that locking a man up is extremely gratifying, especially when I can tease them so hard that they end up bruised without me ever touching their cock. My absolute favorite thing to do with a locked up submissive is to grind right against their chastity device, so they can feel the warmth of Me radiating against them. The begging and pleading to have it removed is a huge turn on for me. I kind of always knew how much it pleased Me to tease and then later deny guys.

Throughout the years, I’ve played with numerous men who were locked up during our session, but the chastity device was put on at the beginning and came off at the end of the session. There was never any sort of duration beyond the hour or three that we were playing.

I started seeing my partner in March, and as both My partner and My submissive, he is regularly locked up. I find that his submission really shines through when he’s locked up, and he’s incredibly easy to tease. Sometimes days will pass, occasionally it will last more than a week, and even more rarely, it’ll last for several weeks at a time. He’s required to send me photos of his locked up dick, and I hold the keys until I feel he deserves being let out. The longer he’s locked up, the better behaved he is, which is hard to really say since he’s so very well behaved most of the time.

The best part of keeping a man locked up is that they begin to ignore their selfish instinct. My happiness is their goal, and they will do anything I ask to make sure that I’m pleased. I’d love to be the key holder for more submissives, especially for longer periods of time.

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