The Myth of Lucky Submissives

Not a day goes by without someone referring to My slaves or submissives as “lucky.” The idea that these individuals who are serving Me are “lucky” is ludicrous to Me.

I didn’t just magically fall out of the sky and into their lives. They didn’t email Me and get an instant “yes, you may serve Me” response.
Sure, they get to serve Me, but I promise you that does not make them lucky.

In fact, I firmly believe that luck has nothing to do with having the opportunity to serve Me. Luck is playing a few bucks on a slot machine and winning $900. Luck is success without work or effort.

Those who get to serve Me? They are not lucky. They have worked hard to get where they are.

Getting to serve Me doesn’t just happen without work. I require those wishing to serve Me to prove their worth. I don’t mean financially, though that does play a factor. I mean that they have some, if not all, of the qualities that I find important:Sydney's Sissy Slut Submissive

Hard working.



Even if I were to flush out this list of personality features that I find important, “luck” would be nowhere on the list.

So called lucky slaves or submissives don’t have luck. They have dedication. They’ve proven that they are respectful and trustworthy. They’ve paid for My time. They’ve invested time, energy and money in proving that they deserve to serve Me.

Sydney Screams' Chastity SlaveLucky slaves and submissives don’t feel entitled to Me and My time. They know a tribute or gift is not a guarantee that I’ll give them attention in return.

Those who serve Me don’t feel as though they “deserve” the opportunity. That implies a level of entitlement to Me. I decided if someone deserves the opportunity or not.

Next time you see a picture of someone serving Me in person, remember they are not “lucky” – they worked hard to earn their place.
When they want a service, just as the opportunity to serve Me in person, they pay for that opportunity.

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