Sophia Stone Interrogates Sydney Screams

Where Is The Money?

Sophia Stone's Interrogation Tactics with Sydney Screams

Sophia Stone wears leather fingerless half gloves to use breath control tactics, such as Hand Over Mouth, to interrogate Sydney Screams


Sexy agent Sophia Stone has Sydney Screams tied up; Sydney has stolen a large sum of money and refuses to tell Sophia where the money is hidden. Sophia is a skilled interrogation agent, and knows the trick to get Sydney to talk.

Sophia Stone makes Sydney Screams smell her high heels

When Sydney Screams refuses to talk, Sophia Stone ties her high heels around Sydney’s head with pantyhose

Sophia begins interrogating Sydney, using tactics such as hand over mouth and tickling, but all Sydney does is laugh harder and harder while refusing to answer. Finally, Sophia knows what she must do to coerce Sydney to talk and tell her where the money is hidden. Slowly, Sophia removes one of her high heels, making Sydney inhale the sweaty smell. Sydney coughs on the smell, but still doesn’t talk! Sophia ties the shoe to Sydney’s face with a pair of pantyhose, and still Sydney won’t talk. When Sophia removes her other shoe and places both feet on Sydney’s face, Sydney is overwhelmed and considers talking, but even Sophia’s toes being shoved in her mouth don’t get Sydney to talk. Will Sydney ever reveal where the money is hidden?

Includes: Hand Over Mouth, Interrogation, Foot Domination, Tickling

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Sophia Stone Foot Smothers Sydney Screams

When all else fails, Sophia Stone uses her stinky feet to interrogate Sydney Screams. Sophia makes Sydney worship her feet and covers Sydney’s face!

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