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Thoughts on Bondage

Since I started My career in the fetish industry, bondage is something I’ve shied away from for the most part. There are a couple reasons for this: I don’t quite know what I’m doing well enough to have absolute confidence in My rope tying abilities, but as a rope “bottom” I’m not comfortable with men tying Me.

Layla is a loud mouth hotel guest
Layla is a loud mouth hotel guest

My very first professional bondage experience almost gave Me an outright panic attack. It was at My very first year at FetishCon, and Whitney Morgan & I were booked together for a bondage shoot with Lone Star Damsels. I had never met Lone Star Damsels before, and I was really anxious about the idea of having a male tie Me up. The shoot turned out to be loads of fun. There were a handful of girls there and the video scenarios were all very campy & goofy. I had a blast struggling around on the floor. So the following year I worked with Lone Star Damsels again, and then the following year, and then the following year. The second and third years I went to FetishCon, almost all My time was booked by Lone Star Damsels!

Sister Sydney Hogtied & Gagged
Sister Sydney Hogtied & Gagged

Between Lone Star Damsels and shooting with Whitney Morgan, I started to pick up on little things for bondage…how to tie very basic ties, make sure there’s space between the rope and skin so as to not cut off circulation, etc. As time went by, I started getting better. I’d practice more and more and I’d tie people up both on camera and off camera for fun.

I recently started getting more serious about learning the ropes (puns! Hooray!). Not only do I have a partner who enjoys being tied up, but I also see a lot of potential in creating My own bondage smut. I like to tie people up a lot, especially now that I’ve gained more confidence in it as I continue to learn more. I’m beginning to feel more comfortable about getting tied up. And I just bought a great domain name after talks with a few close friends who run bondage sites about bondage business. Because really, I don’t have enough projects I’m tackling! :D

Sydney Tied in the Shower
Sydney Tied in the Shower

So yes. I’m working on building up content to run a membership site for bondage (the photos in this post are teasers from clips already shot). It will feature Me as both a rope top & rope bottom, and I’m quite looking forward to it! I’ve got a handful of clips ready to go, but my site won’t be ready to go live for another month or so. My launch date is hopefully October 1st, as kick off to My birthday month. Because who doesn’t want to celebrate My birthday month this way?! I’ll be announcing its launch, so keep your eyes open!

Back Into The Hustle

DAMN. Not shooting for a long time really does a number on me. My boyfriend constantly tells me that I need to take time for myself and relax, which is fine and dandy and wonderful… but I don’t really think I quite know how to do that. It’s not at all a complaint; I’d say it’s quite the opposite. I love what I do so much that I find it extremely difficult and stressful to not shoot for such a long time. I had a shoot here and there in January… like 2 shoots? Maybe? But they were pretty early on in the month and I don’t know…I barely feel like they actually happened.

Then around rolls February and while I took the first two weekends off, I had customs start to roll in again and couldn’t avoid shooting any longer. But more importantly, I was tired of not shooting!! I know I took time off so that I could settle into the new house, but it made me feel a little sad to not have the hustle and bustle of shoot life going on.

On Valentine’s Day, I had the awesome pleasure of shooting with sort of newbie Livy LaRue, a SSBBW who I sadly met just a couple weeks before she moved out of Florida. SUCH A SHAME!! Cause she was really fun to work with and so fucking cute! For being such a new girl, I was so impressed by how great she did on camera, that I just HAD to go ahead and release one of our clips that we filmed together (click the picture for a direct link to the clip!). “Voluptuous SSBBW hottie Livy LaRue has NEVER had a bellygasm before. In fact, she doesn’t even think they’re real! Sydney decides she absolutely must prove Livy wrong, so she goes down on Livy’s soft, fat belly, licking it and fingering it until Livy has a bellygasm! Now Livy is convinced bellygasms are real, and returns the favor, licking, kissing and finger fucking Sydney’s soft, chubby belly!

Includes: Belly button fetish, belly fetish, BBW, SSBBW, Bellygasm, First Timer, Virgin”

Livy's First Bellygasm
Livy’s First Bellygasm

It felt so good to be back at shooting! The following weekend, the stunning Reyna Mae came down to visit. I hadn’t seen her since our shoot together for PlumperPass, but we’ve kept in touch over the years and she was finally able to come down for a long weekend of shooting. We spent all day Saturday and Sunday shooting together, and even had Vanya Vixen join us one day and Whitney Morgan the next! The weekend was full of laughter and giggles, and Vanya being a sneaky broad and doing things like popping balloons when we didn’t expect it AND stepping on the scale to throw off our weigh ins!

Sydney, Vanya and Reyna
A blonde, a brunette and a redhead got together to make smut!
Whitney for Dinner
Whitney was devoured by Reyna and Sydney in a Vore clip!

On the very last day of February, I managed to squeeze in a truly epic shoot day…I hadn’t had one in SO long. It had a hectic start thanks to traffic and rain (gee, rain? in Florida? That NEVER HAPPENS! LOL), but once we got started it was hours of endless giggles and fetish fun. I was super excited because I got to work with not one, not two but THREE new faces (new to me at least!). Fetish legend Nyxon joined Whitney Morgan for the day, and we filmed with Candace Moon and Camille Black, with a lot of help from JDevil. I can’t even begin to remember all the things we got done, but rest assured we’ll all have it up on our respective stores soon enough. Here are some fun behind the scenes photos we took:

Whitney the Foot Creep
Whitney Creeping on Nyxon and Camille
Candace Moon & Sydney Screams
I was so excited to finally meet Candace! We’ve been chatting online for a while now and finally got to meet! She’s awesome!
Whitney Morgan, Nyxon, & Sydney Screams
Making faces with Nyxon and Whitney Morgan!
Camille Black & Sydney Screams
Cutie new girl Camille Black joined in!

I seriously had SO much fun!! We ended up hanging out until almost midnight after Vin and Lisa stopped by, so it was a late night. Which didn’t help because then today, I had to get up early to shoot with Betty Jetson and Vicky Vix!!

Betty Jetson, Sydney Screams & Vicky Vix
Look up to Goddesses Betty Jetson, Sydney Screams & Vicky Vix

I’m not quite sure how I’m awake right now, but I think it’s about time for me to hit the sheets and reunite with my inner eyelids. Be sure to check out all these awesome folks online!

Whitney Morgan: @mswhitneymorgan and www.MissWhitneyMorgan.com

Nyxon: @TheRealNyxon and 

Candace Moon: @CandaceMoon and c4s.com/11668

Camille Black: @CamilleBlackxxx and camilleblack.com

JDevil: @jdevilxxx and clips4sale.com/10022

Livy Larue: @LivyLarue and LivyLaRueBBW.com

Betty Jetson: @BettyJetson and bettydreadful.com

Vicky Vix: @RealVickyVixxx and Cammodelstore.com/vickyvixxx


Rule 34: the Live Lewd Girls Edition


Well ladies and gentlemen, it is that wonderful time of month again! No, I’m not talking about that time of month. I’m talking about Live Lewd Girls!

This month is an extra special erotic reading; everyone will be reading erotica based on our favorite movies or TV shows. Because, as you all know, Rule 34 reminds us that if it exists, there is porn of it. As the delightful Belladiva Bonesaw put it, “Some would say we’re ruining these characters by crossing genres and making them do naughty things to each other. We would say we’re making them better. One thing’s for sure-you’ll never look at them the same way again.”

This month, the other lovely lewd ladies reading are Whitney Morgan, Minerva Freckles Quaintrelle, Ruby Darling, Katie Correll, Cherry Bob-omb, and Ivy Daniels, with our delightful hostess Belladiva Bonesaw!

Proceeds from each Live Lewd Girls are always donated to a charity; this month they go to Doglando Foundation’s Full Tummy Project.

$5 donation at the door
21 and up
Peacock Room
1321 N Mills Ave, Orlando

I hope to see you tonight in Orlando for Live Lewd Girls: Rule 34.