Orlando fetish

The other day, I was browsing around one of the BBW/plus sized forums I’m a member on to see if there was anything fun that people were talking about when I came across something new for me. I imagine it’s not that new, but for me it was a completely […]

Body Shaming Comes in All Shapes

The number of emails I get regularly asking me for advice on how to be a male porn star is at least 10 a week. That may not seem like much, but that does add up quickly. Chances are, most of the people contacting me just want an excuse to […]

How to be a male porn star

As a professional Domme, I hear a lot of stuff from people. I mean a lot. Over half of my emails go unanswered because after a while, responding to inquiries and fan mail just gets so tedious and repetitive that I would be better off with copy-paste responses. I’m sure […]

Sh*t Dommes Hear