Why I Do What I Do


I’d never have met the awesome Whitney Morgan if it weren’t for being a sex worker!

There’s a lot of stigma against sex workers that we get into this line of work because we need the money or we had a tragic life story of some sort that we’re now working through. I can’t speak for any sex worker, I can only speak for myself, but I have one reason for doing what I do: I love it. I really fucking love it.

When I started off, there was a desire for money, but as the years have passed, I had so many amazing experiences that I have grown to love it. I’ve always been a kinky gal, and the fact that I am able to turn something I love into a career is a blessing for which I’m extremely grateful.

Over the years, I’ve met some amazing people, and they’re a bit part of why I love this job so much. Getting to work with such cool people and making great friends makes this job so fulfilling.

I mustache you a question

Goofing off at FetCon with SpaceCitySoles and Scarlett Lush

I have an absolute blast doing what I do. I get to giggle, do silly things with fun people, hang out with friends, and create great memories on video that I can relive over and over and over. Sometimes I get to have sex with attractive people, other times I get to act on my sadist tendencies. I get worshipped.

And, I make money doing all of that.

What’s not to love about being a sex worker??

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