Who is SexeNet/Sex Entertainment Network? 1

A few months ago, I was contacted by someone from a company called “Sex Entertainment Networt,” claiming to shoot for companies such as Private.com, The Spice Network, Swank Magazine and more. I looked into the sites they sent over and noticed one major problem: none of these sites shoot BBW’s. Furthermore, they told me I contacted them initially but I had never even heard of them (but I guess it’s possible I contacted them via an anonymous SexyJobs.com listing, though I only ever contact companies that shoot women of my size).

After some back and forth with CJ and trying to do my homework on them, I felt that they weren’t actually a credible or legit company. Their Twitter page had less than 600 followers with no actual website, and they flat out refused to give me ANY information or references via email. Ok, I get that there are folks out there who want to talk on the phone and that’s fine…once I’ve established that it’s worth my time. They gave no information aside from their location in South Florida and alleged sites that I could be shot for. So, I let it go without putting them on blast with their condescending emails just in case I was wrong.

Fast forward a few months (to yesterday!). A friend and fellow model put them on blast for being sexist pigs, regarding something I had absolutely no idea about. I decided it was time to speak up about @sexenet’s shady business practices and hopped into the conversation without actually stating my opinion on “manspreading” (a term I am still completely clueless about… Will research later). They fired their shots, including trying to state they didn’t know who I was (but they emailed me to book me? Oh. Ok. That just screams “legit”). I blocked them for harassment on Twitter after deciding that whoever was running their account was even less professional than I originally thought.

I still have no idea who “Sex Entertainment Network” is because they have no web presence outside of Twitter. It’s 2015… Everyone has a website. I have reason to believe they are not a legitimate company (what company posts clearly sexist messages on a public profile? And tells models that they “don’t go through agents”? And doesn’t book BBW’s but contacts them via Twitter and email to book?). I talked to some industry professionals, including a high profile porn lawyer, performers and porn reviewers, nobody has heard of these folks either.

Here’s my evidence about their legitimacy:

email from Sex Entertainment Network

The first email exchange

CJ from Sexenet

Second set of emails between myself and CJ from @sexenet

Sex Entertainment Network is condescending and a scam

third set of emails between Sex Entertainment Network. condescending much??

sexenet aka Sex Entertainment Network

Sex Entertainment Network says no to BBWs?

Sex Entertainment Network aka Sexenet

sexenet lets the sexoist remarks fly!

sexenet aka Sex Entertainment Network does not shoot BBWs

wait! i thought they said no BBWs? I am so confused!

Sex Entertainment Network scam

Sex Entertainment Network spreading false information. Agents are there for a reason!!


sexenet aka Sex Entertainment  Network doesn't know their shit

Not the only one calling @sexenet out on their BS


who is sex entertainment network

something about Sex Entertainment Network is a little fishy


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One thought on “Who is SexeNet/Sex Entertainment Network?

  • scarlettlush

    Thank you for posting this. I haven’t heard of these people before.
    Let’s be honest, it’s probably one man who is bitter that his fantasy with a porn star never came true.

    Hopefully he will get blacklisted soon.