What FemDoms Do

Ever since my new roommate moved in, my apartment has been a bit of a social spot. My roommate runs what she calls an “angry feminist book club”, while I’m constantly having people over for whatever social gathering I deem necessary.

This past weekend, I decided to have an arts & crafts night, which originally was planned for just Sarah DiAvola and I, but quickly grew when word of the event spread. We ended up with 12 people gathered around in my living room doing arts & crafts and watching Disney movies, plus with a sissy boy serving us (because heaven forbid we get our own drinks!). It was quite a fun evening. Somehow only a couple photos made it out of the event.

Crafty Kitty!


It was quite the fun and drunken evening! I’m going to have to make it a regular event.

Next weekend is Florida Bash, a weekend of kinky goodness. I’m super excited, as it will be my 3rd year going, but also my first time having a kinky vacation with my boyfriend. I am very much so looking forward to a weekend of fetish classes and dungeon time.

Anyway, I know this was a short update, so I hope everyone is having a good Memorial Day weekend. Remember that Memorial Day is more than an excuse for a long weekend or a BBQ…It is about honoring those who have died serving our country!