Want to be in My Videos? Here’s How!

Sydney Foot SmotherNot a day goes by that I don’t get asked by someone on the internet if they can be in my videos with me. I’ve just started assuming that basically every man has the burning passion to get their film career started, and so between this post and my recent post on how to be a male porn star, I hope your questions get answered!

So, you want to be in my videos? Here’s how:

  1. Have a one on one session with me. I don’t use on camera submissive with whom I’ve never sessioned with.
  2. Be able to take a good deal of pain or have some sort of interesting talent that shows on camera*. If you’re unable to take pain, don’t want to submit publicly, or have some sort of interesting talent that shows on camera, you’re not cut out to be in my videos. *Interesting talents do not include having a huge dick, the ability to make me cum with just your hands, or anything that involves being in, on, or around My tits, ass, or pussy.
  3. Be a young, well proportioned, and attractive person. I don’t really care if you’re male or female or anything else; but I care that you look good and that you’re not the same age as say…my dad.
  4. Be prepared to have your face on the internet. I don’t like masks. Unless you’ve got a really special talent (see above), I won’t use you in a video if you insist on wearing a mask. Lauren Kiley & Sydney Trample
  5. Don’t be a dick (or a male Dominant). Be nice, be polite, be submissive. If you’re a male dominant insisting to maintain that role on camera, look elsewhere. I don’t shoot anything that I could use you for.
  6. Know in advance what you’re volunteering yourself for. Do some research and be aware of what sorts of things I shoot. Sending me an email or message stating that you want me to use you as my human ashtray or toilet is going to show me that you’re unaware of the types of content I shoot. Educating yourself shows me you’re serious.
  7. Be open to new experiences. Limiting yourself as an on camera spanko means that I’m less likely to have use for you. Being open to multiple fetishes I shoot (i.e. feeding, feet, bondage, tickling, etc) is important!!

There you have it, gentlemen! My 7 ways to be in videos with me!

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