Virtual Benefit Bake Sale

Recently, a friend and member of the Las Vegas sex worker community fell into some really hard times. Like life altering hard times. I can’t really go into much detail, but it’s safe to say that she cannot go back to her previous life without a lot of changes made. She’s been unable to work for weeks now and will continue to be out of work for a while longer. Unfortunately, as time goes by, bills and essential life needs build up.

Thankfully, she has a pretty awesome support network of fellow sex workers who want to do their best to help her. But we can’t do that alone. We (and she!) need your help.

Friday, February 17th, the Las Vegas cam girl community is holding a Virtual Bake Sale to benefit our friend and colleague in need! Many of us will be camming together as we bake delicious homemade goodies to send to the highest tipper each hour. 50% of profits will go directly towards helping our friend get back on her feet, whether or not she decides to return to sex work.

No confirmed details yet, but I’ve heard whispers of homemade toffee, chocolates, and cookies. It’s almost too good to be true!

Some of the wonderful participants include Summer Hart, Olivia Jaide, Alexxx Coal, Talia Grey, Scarlett Blackes, Jane Colburn, Jessica Lust and more! Keep a watch here and on my Twitter for announcements on cam site, time, etc. Join our cam rooms and get some delicious goodies sent your way!!

Cam Girl Virtual Bake Sale

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