Toy Review: Minna’s Ola

When I walked into my local toy store and saw the Ola, I was SO excited. The store display at Fairvilla Megastore was nicely done, with testers of the Ola and Limon toys on the table. I was particularly turned on to the idea of controlling the vibration rhythm and strength. Naturally, I just had to purchase one!! I went with the Ola because it’s insertable and I wasn’t as excited about the shape of the Limon.

Minna OlaPackaging

Since the Ola is the only toy by Minna I own, I can’t tell you how they ship their products. I can tell you that their packaging for individual toys is nicely done. In a short, round tube container, the box is not at all discreet. But the toy itself is protected with foam so it won’t be damaged. It comes with the charger, a soft toy bag and a small toy stand.

Minna OlaDesign

At 8″ long and 1.5″ at the widest point, the Ola is an interesting concept. The Minna Ola is made out of high quality, silky smooth silicone, giving it a very luxurious feel. It’s available in pink and purple only. The base has a soft, squeezable pad where you control the strength & pattern of the vibrations. The pad is sensitive to how long & hard you squeeze, so you can create your perfect vibration pattern! It’s light weight and has a not so discreet charging port located right above the squeeze pad. There’s a small indicator light which flashes 3 times when the battery is fully charged, twice when partially charged, and once when it’s on its last leg & needs a good charging. The Ola is completely waterproof, so you can enjoy it in the shower, bath, or anywhere else!

Minna Ola

Minna Ola squishy pad for programming vibration pattern


Even though the Minna Ola is waterproof, don’t run it through the dishwasher or boil it. You’ll damage the motor and what’s the point of a vibrator if you can’t ya know…make it vroom?! Be careful with toy cleaner and lube, as the Ola is silicone so you want to avoid any products that are not silicone friendly. Avoid oil based lubes and be very careful with silicone based lubes (make sure to check with the manufacturer about whether their product is safe to use with silicone, because it can damage the materials if not). Silicone is non porous, so cleaning is easy! Give it a nice soap & water wash, clean with your favorite silicone friendly toy cleaner, or with a 10% bleach mixture. The Minna Ola is rechargeable, so you can just plug it in until the lights slowly pulse, indicating that its fully charged.

I haven’t experienced it, but I have heard that the pad can deflate if you fly with it often. Apparently you’ll need to “vent” the pad to deflate it before flying. I’m not quite clear on how to re-inflate it, so I don’t want to make any comment on that.


The silicone is so smooth that you may not feel the need for lube. The shape is a bit awkward for using on a friend and the whole create your own vibe pattern/strength is confusing if your friend doesn’t really know what they’re doing. Take your time getting to know the Ola. It took me a few tries to get accustomed to the whole controlling the vibes thing. You can “lock” the pattern once you’ve created it, which is great if you want to pre-program and get going with the “looping” feature (which loops the pattern you’ve created). Locking it during use was a bit… challenging. But, like I said, take your time getting to know the Ola. It’s wonderful once you get the hang of it. Also, you don’t have to lock & loop a vibration pattern, but if you don’t you’ll be left squeezing the pad the entire time so it’s not entirely hands free.

The Final Word

It took me several uses to get used to the Ola…I’m talking about 5 or 6 uses. I’d love to say that this baby gets more use, but realistically, I’m a busy lady who just sometimes doesn’t want a “create your own” vibe or the hassle of holding the pad the entire time. It’s a cool product and I love the idea of it, but…I just don’t love the Minna Ola. The strength of vibrations ranges from pretty low (like, really really low) up to medium intensity, but it just doesn’t go any higher than medium. With a price tag around $150, I expected more power. It feels great in my hand though…the silicone is truly luxurious feeling with little to no drag whatsoever. I’m just impatient and greedy when it comes to orgasms, and no matter how pretty and smooth the Ola is, she just doesn’t live up to my wants.

Overall, I’d give the Minna Ola a solid 3 out of 5 stars. I can see how a less advanced user would enjoy (what I see as) the less than ideal strength of vibes, but if you like strength I’d skip this beauty. Minna Ola

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