Toy Review: JimmyJane’s INTRO 8

I was really excited when I saw a Black Friday sale that JimmyJane was having on one of their rabbit style toys, the INTRO 8. When I got my first JimmyJane vibe, the Form 2, I fell in love pretty instantly. But realistically, I can’t afford to buy all the FORM products, as much as I want them. So at a really discounted price and a little hesitation, I purchased myself a JimmyJane INTRO 8!

Ok, so my hesitation was this: I’m not a fan of battery operated toys that are not rechargeable. I know I can use rechargeable batteries, but I find that AA or AAA operated toys just don’t have enough OOMPH to them. Ya know what I mean?


JimmyJane INTRO 8The INTRO 8. JimmyJane’s rabbit style, battery operated, body safe vibe. Available in pink, purple and blue (it’s a dark gray-ish blue).

This baby has 3 motors, which JimmyJane boasts “Internal/G-Spot vibration plus dual clitoral stimulation…simultaneously”. It comes with a 1 year warranty and is washable and waterproof. I haven’t tried it underwater yet, but I do have to say that cleaning was pretty easy!

The INTRO 8 takes AAA batteries, which thankfully are included.

So, here’s where things get dicey. I’m familiar with the luxury sex toy brand that is JimmyJane. That silky smooth silicone, the just powerful enough motor that I can rub one out in a matter of 3-5 minutes.

But… when I took the INTRO 8 out of the box, I was not impressed. I was so unimpressed, I considered sending it back ASAP. I didn’t, but only because I had to try it out to see if it was as good as their FORM line of products.

Here’s where the trouble started: The front of the INTRO 8 has what I can only describe as a “baggy silicone” feel. It was like there was an air bubble between the silicone and the insides. I anticipated some seams, but these were so much more defined.

I popped the batteries in and played with the controls – there are 3 power levels and 3 vibration modes, changed by hitting the button on bottom of the vibrator. They seemed pretty good, so I ventured from my dining room table upstairs to my bedroom. After dabbing a tiny bit of lube both on the insertable end and the rabbit ears, I laid down, spread my legs and waited for the pleasure to start rolling in.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And accidentally turned it off 3 times.

And waited.

I tried wiggling around. I tried rocking my hips back and forth. I tried fucking myself with it (this is when I accidentally turned it off). I kept chasing my orgasm with no success. But I wasn’t going to give up! I grabbed a tingling sensation lube that I love (Wet Synergy Hybrid +Cool Tingling) and rubbed it on the rabbit ears.

Finally, I was able to get there. It took way too much time… the problem I often have with AAA battery operated toys due to the lack of power and duration of feel good vibes at preferred strength.

I wanted so badly to love the JimmyJane INTRO 8. I really really did. It’s a relatively affordable rabbit style vibrator made of high quality silicone. But at it’s normal price of $89, I just can’t love it. Even at the discounted price of $69, I still can’t love it.

The battery power isn’t enough OOMPH, the “baggy” feeling front where I can play with an air bubble is cheap feeling. If I’m paying $89 for a vibrator, I’m expecting something that feels higher quality.

If you don’t need powerful vibes to get your orgasms, this one might be good for you. But I recommend skipping it and paying a little more for something better quality with more oomph (and rechargeable).


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