Toy Review: Crystal Delights’ Frosted Delight

In case you’ve never noticed in my videos or on Twitter, I’m a huge fan of glass dildos. In fact, I have more glass toys in my toy box than any other material! When I first learned about Crystal Delights, I was super excited…beautifully made glass toys with pretty sparkley goodness on the end? Yes please!!!


When you order any of the Crystal Delights toys, they ship in a well packed box to avoid any breaking or chipping! Your new toy(s) arrive wrapped in a padded pouch, unless you order a tail or their special Mystery Box (which can be ordered with or without the pouch). It’s perfect for storage, especially if you have other glass toys that you don’t want bumping into one another.

Crystal Delights storage bag

Padded storage bag


The Frosted Delight is handmade out of Pyrex glass and can be inserted either vaginally or anally. Since it is frosted, there is a slight amount of “drag,” so you’ll want to pair it with your favorite lube for maximum pleasure. Don’t be put off by the drag though, because during penetration, there’s not a difference in how it feels compared to unfrosted glass. At 6.9″ long, this baby has about 6″ worth of insertable length. It’s not too girthy, measuring approximately 1.4″ and a 1.7″ base. The base is wide enough to be used as a small handle, so you can use it on your own or with a friend! There is quite a bit of texture, with raised bumps around the shaft, and a large “head.” Because of the amount of texture and the feel of glass, it may be too much texture for a user who is new to glass but more advanced masturbators should enjoy this!

Crystal Delights Frosted Delight Crystal Delights Frosted Delight


Glass is so easy to take care of!! The glass is non-porous and can be cleaned with soap and water, toy cleaner, or a 10% bleach mixture. With the crystal in the end, it isn’t recommended that you boil or run through the dishwasher because it might loosen up the crystal. Crystal Delights does not recommend standing the toy on the end, as it may damage the crystal, and you wouldn’t want to ruin such a sexy addition to your toy box!

Crystal Delights Frosted Delight


One of my favorite things about glass is that it can be used for temperature play! Run it under hot or cold water for a few minutes, and the glass will retain the temperature for a period of time. Do not run the Crystal Delights Frosted Delight through the microwave to heat it up! Microwaving could heat it unevenly and that could potentially burn your delicate bits…ouch! Glass can be used with either water or silicone based lube, so grab your favorite lube without worrying if it will damage it (which it won’t)! As I mentioned previously, you can use this baby either anally or vaginally.

The Final Word

My love for glass definitely means that the beautiful Frosted Delight by Crystal Delight gets quite a bit of use. I really enjoy the texture, but I do find that I need lube which I think is due to the frosting (with unfrosted glass, I usually don’t need any). There is a little extra weight to this toy when compared to a mass produced toy of similar design. It seems much higher quality, which is to be expected at the price. I’m guessing that customer service is just as important as the quality of the toys, because anytime I’ve contacted them, they get back to me within 24 hours (at most!! I’ve had emails back from them within a 4 hour window, which was really impressive).

I purchased mine from a local shop here in Orlando, so I know that some stores do sell their toys but I haven’t seen a better price than ordering directly from Crystal Delights. If you don’t want clear, they also offer pink & lavender for frosted options and black, amber, blue, green, pink & lavender for the same design, unfrosted. With all of the color options, a portion of sales is donated towards cancer research, making it feel even better to have a great orgasm! They have a complete list of charities that they support on their Charity page if you want to check it out!

Overall, I give the Frosted Delight by Crystal Delights a 4/5 stars (I think I’d prefer the unfrosted version a little bit more). I’m a big fan of the company and I can’t recommend their toys enough!

Crystal Delights Frosted Delight

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