The Cost of Quality

As I sat on the beach discussing mutual frustrations about time wasters and finding quality sessions with My fellow Domme friend Sarah Diavola and fetish model Chrissy Daniels, it occurred to Me that many people may not understand the true cost of quality.

Serving Me is a privilege that only certain men (and women) enjoy. Serving any Dominatrix is a privilege only certain people can enjoy, and it comes at a cost.

There are many, many so called professionals who advertise in various places around online with rates such as $50-100 an hour. Sure, that seems like a great rate for them to get a large amount of quantity clients, but I don’t want quantity…I want quality clients. I want clients who keep coming back to Me because those other girls leave them unsatisfied or didn’t do things just right.

I expect that My clients will have a superior session with Me because of My attention to detail, My training, and My knowledge. I know how to make a man tingle and moan in pleasure without even touching his penis. I know to inflict pain in a manner that is sexy and pleasurable. I’ve invested in My practice… My toys, My training, My years of experience. A quality Dominatrix will have done this as well.

One of My biggest pet peeves when potential clients are contacting Me is when they say things like “well so&so does it for X rate.” My response is always “then go see so&so, because I am not them nor will I lower My rate just because of other people.”

Smothering at FetishCon

Smothering slave j at FetishCon 2014.

But… what does this all mean to you, the potential client, the consumer, the submissive?

You have to pay for quality. There’s no way around it, in any aspect of life. If you want a toaster oven that will last more than a year, you can’t buy a $10 toaster oven. If you want a fantasy fulfilled, you can’t expect to have it met at $50/hr. Would you rather pay several hundred dollars and have your fantasy fulfilled in ways you never knew possible, or would you prefer to “save” money and end up feeling unfulfilled? Maybe at the moment you can’t afford the luxury of a Dominatrix, but save your money… it will add up and you’ll have a more enjoyable experience!

I’m not trying to speak down on those who session at a lower rate. I get it. Certain markets call for certain price adjustments. Certain types of sessions require less preparation and are less physically demanding. And I’m sure there are those out there who charge a luxury rate but don’t provide a luxury product, but if you’re unsure of the quality… ask for references!

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. Sure, I take on fewer clients because I have a higher session fee, but the quality of your session is higher.

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