The Act of Submission

There is a big difference between real life submission and on camera submission. I don’t think a lot of people really grasp that fact. Lots of people are comfortable with and turned on by real life submission, but those same people can’t handle on camera submission. Alternatively, some on camera submissives aren’t actual submissives, they just play one on TV.

Obviously, these are both over generalized explanations, and there are people that don’t fit into those categories.

Sydney Screams SubmitsOn camera submission is short lived; most videos last 5-20 minutes, with either cuts between takes or pauses between videos to move onto a different fetish. If someone’s goal is to achieve subspace, the likelihood of getting there is drastically cut. Think of it as a mini or express session. That doesn’t mean the play isn’t real, but remember that being on camera is also a testing in acting skills.

Which brings me to the point (sort of): Videos are just another form of role play. There are a lot of fetishes that people shoot that they are into, but also just as many that they aren’t into. And this is totally ok.

On camera, I switch roles regularly. I don’t submit to males on camera, outside of tickling. Even in my personal life, it just isn’t my thing to submit to males. On camera though, I am comfortable being on the receiving end of humiliation, doing “forced”¬†foot worship, etc. Why? Because it’s acting. Am I into getting humiliated in my personal life? Nope. Not even close! I had enough of that being the geeky goth chick in middle and high school.

Off camera, I don’t really find myself having good submissive experiences. I’m a firm believer in trying all of the things, but I have never achieved sub-space…ever. I’ve tried several times to submit to someone (usually my¬†partner at the time), but I’ve ended up bored and not into it. I’ve seen others really “high” in sub-space and describe it afterwards, and it’s an absolutely beautiful thing to witness and hear described.

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