Sydney’s Bio

Sydney Screams by mEroCrushI’m Sydney Screams.

I’m a Florida Girl, professional kinkster, plus size model, and the naughty girl next door. My hobbies include photography, writing, graphic design, cooking, and reading. My specialties as a fetish performer are foot fetish¬†and domination. I love pushing buttons, speaking my mind, creating, and fulfilling fantasies.

I’m not a newbie to the scene. I’ve been around since 2008, and I’ve never felt like I belong anywhere else.

How I Got Here

When I was much younger, My parents had close friends with a daughter My age. We’d play dress up, but instead of playing “house” we were rulers of the world with boys serving Us. I had no idea what that was for years. In middle school, I kicked a boy in the balls for the first time, and I felt no remorse…I felt powerful. At 16, I was dating a boy who told Me that I had cute feet, and I started really taking care of My feet. During My first year of college, I attended a private kink party at the home of a local House, and I was enamored by their themed rooms (a medical play room, a room for suspensions, a St Andrew’s Cross in the backyard…). It wasn’t until summer between my sophomore and junior years in college when I started modeling for money. I posed nude for a photographer friend of mine at a nudist resort outside of Orlando, and I felt even more empowered. The further into modeling I got, the more I understood what I’d been doing all those years before, and I became intoxicated by not just the fetish industry, but the lifestyle as well.

Plus Size BBW Model Sydney ScreamsWho is Sydney Screams Now?

I am a lifestyle kinkster and Mistress. I am a pro-Dominatrix. I am an on camera switch. I am a plus size (or BBW) model. I am a professional Bitch. I play with women, men, and everyone in between. I am Sydney Screams.