Sex Workers to Admire

Being a sex worker is hard work. From the outside, you don’t really get a chance to see or understand all the hard work that goes into the job. It’s a shame, because I think more people would respect what we do if they knew exactly how much work it takes. We have to self-market, put on a role, always meet changing demands of customers, and have money management skills. If you’re a model or a producer, you then have to edit photos and videos, post them online and market those! It’s a lot of fucking work. 

Today, I want to shout-out some of the sex workers I admire most. The people constantly working, constantly hustling, constantly changing how they do stuff. Honestly, the people I admire most are the ones that are pretty much in the same field as me; the people making videos, modeling, producing, camming, whatever.

1. Lance Hart. Thankfully, Lance isn’t the only male on my list, but the boy hustles harder than a lot of people I know. Aside from being a model for hire, Lance also produces and stars in his own content, runs a successful website,  and does all the dirty behind the scenes work like editing, promoting, etc. Plus… Let’s be real… the boy is gorgeous!!

2. Roxie Rae. Aside from being an adorable pint-sized ball of fun, Roxie has some amazing business skills. She’s constantly shooting, innovating the foot fetish industry, and doesn’t need to take her clothes off to make a living.

3. FTKL. I remember before FTKL before he became the FTKL you know and love. He carved a niche out for himself in a very competitive fetish by bringing his personal fetish to the table. Before he came around, nobody was doing what he does with tickle videos, and he met the demand! Always have to admire those who are paving the way and rising to meet demands their way!

4. Sam38G. Sam basically paved the way for curvy, plus size women in the adult industry. I’ve seen her ups and downs dealing with others within the industry, but she always rises above. She hustles hard camming, filming content, editing her own content, running her own website, and more.

5. Kristi Maxx. Dudes, this girl HUSTLES. She works both on camera and off camera for herself, plus constantly helps out her fellow sex workers. She cams, models, produces, builds websites, and I don’t even know what else. If that isn’t enough, she’s also created an awesome niche for herself as a curvaceous woman of color who is in complete control of her image. Seriously, what’s not to admire?!

6. Jasoninja. Jason is one of the friendliest guys I know, and he’s so incredibly helpful. Just like everyone else, he produces and stars in his own content, and this boy takes quite a beating on camera. I’ve been a part of a 700lbs trample on Jason…it’s amazing what he’s able to take!! Aside from being an amazing hustler, Jason is just an overall cool person.

Occasionally, I’ll meet someone who I once admired and I’ll stop “drinking the Kool-Aid.” It’s a shame, because sometimes supporting sex workers is hugely important to me, but there have been multiple occasions when someone puts down sex work/workers in front of me. I’m always appalled by that behavior, especially when they ARE a sex worker!! So, rather than call out the negative people, I just wanted to show my support and admiration of those who are not only supporting other sex workers but also hustling so hard that I’m challenged to step up my own game.

Obviously, there are a lot of other types of sex workers and a lot of other people who hustle hard. It’s impossible for me to call out every single person whose hustle has inspired me. All of these people have stood the test of time and risen above criticism, dips in sales, and above all…they’re all really good people.

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