Settling In and Relationshipping

I guess you could say I’m finally settled into my house… I mean, as much as I can be without things like curtains and area rugs. It’s so weird to me… less than 3 months ago, we were rushing to find a house that was within our budget. And then suddenly, we had a house, we were moving in, and arguing over stupid things like furniture and closet space (I have the bigger side of the walk in closet, cause ya know… clothes for days and days and days).

It’s a bit surreal to me. I’ve never lived with a partner, and 2 months in, I’m not even close to being used to it. We both have very different ideas of home. I like to get home, strip off my clothes and throw them immediately in the wash. He’ll let stuff build up for a while. I don’t like dirty dishes being left out over night (THIS IS HOW WE GET ANTS, Woodhouse!), whereas he’ll leave left over food out over night rather than just throw it away then and there.

I think the biggest challenge we’re facing is me and my shoot life. I’m used to having girls stay with me once, twice, three times a month and have epic shoots. And I think I’m very sympathetic to these girls because deep down, I love to take care of people and help them out. We got into this big argument the other day over someone coming to stay, which in the end worked itself out when we got down to the root of it all, but at the time it was really damaging to me. I don’t think in any of his past relationships, he’s had someone as outspoken as I have, so I call him on his bullshit and it throws both of us through a loop… him saying things, me bouncing shit right back at him. We don’t argue often, but we do argue. And I think that’s an important thing to admit to someone outside of our relationship.

Relationships are hard. If we didn’t argue, I’d be concerned, but we argue because we’re both passionate in thinking we’re right. Well, sometimes there is no right and wrong. Sometimes there’s a matter of opinion vs opinion. Sometimes there is a very clear right and wrong, and it just takes sharing perspective and thought processes to understand that.

At the end of the day, when we’re in bed cuddled up together, talking… I know that it would take much more than a petty argument to damage us. I think I’m pretty lucky…through him I’ve learned how to better communicate and be open, and I’d like to think that through me, he’s opened up his mind and isn’t as narrow minded in many capacities as he was before.

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