Orlando Time Wasting sub: Andrew Stiling

I was recently contacted by a 29 year old guy named Andrew Stiling from Orlando, FL to session. Like everyone that contacts Me, I told him that I don’t do same day sessions, what My session rate is based on what he told Me he was into, etc. I gave him an option for the following day, which came and went with no further contact. I’m used to this. There are so many timewasters that I’m more surprised when people follow through than not.

Since then, Andrew has contacted Me every time he sees I’m shooting to say “have a good shoot” or “do you need a slave for your shoot?” Some days, he’d just contact Me asking if I needed service (as if I don’t live with My submissive, meaning My house is spotless at all times) or offer to take Me shopping.

Andrew Stiling

29 year old Orlando resident, Andrew Stiling. “Experienced video slave”

Andrew made a few mistakes, naturally. I mean he is a foolish & idiotic male so he was bound to not be smart about it.

Now, I suppose I could have just let this go without exposing Andrew for what he is (a timewasting creepazoid), but he’s rubbed Me the wrong way too often, even without having met this moron.

First off, this guy has My phone number, which means he did enough research on Me to dig up an old Backpage session ad. I haven’t posted a BP ad in well over a year… maybe 2. Which means this guy did some serious creeping. Thankfully, it’s not My real number, it’s just My google voice number. Either way, creep alert number 1.

Second, Andrew Stiling started using My name when contacting others. I don’t know what exactly he said to anyone other than My friend Dieta Donna, but from what I’m gathering from ladies is that he’s telling girls he’s My friend (he’s not) and/or that we’ve session (we have not).

Third, when asked, Andrew did not give references or have names of people he’s allegedly shot with. He touts that he’s an experienced video slave… but with who?

Fourth, when I shot back at him that I’d like this “shopping trip” he kept promising, he mysteriously disappeared and has yet to respond to My message. Hmmm… I wonder why?

Could it possibly be that this “experienced video slave” and “longtime submissive” is really a time wasting submissive and a full fledged creep? Of course he is. 

Andrew Stiling’s email address is andrewstiling@gmail.com. Twitter is @vikingdrewby. His phone number has a 630 area code.

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