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I am really excited to make a more formal announcement than the one I made on Twitter. I just launched My own XXX website!!! I’m super excited to start shooting more solo, girl/girl and boy/girl content, and begin to rebrand My image a bit. You may have noticed (or not, that’s cool too), but I’ve been spending more time camming lately, and that is part of the grande scheme of things. In order to drum up a larger XXX following, I have to do some work that I have typically avoided in the past. The good news is that I’m having way more fun camming than I remember! But anyway, I’m getting off topic.


I absolutely love the fetish work that I do, and I won’t be giving that up anytime soon. I just want to expand My horizons since I’m giving up certain fetishes. I am absolutely tired of waiting for approval or rejection from the XXX companies/producers I apply to shoot with, and the way I see it is that I can make more money working for Myself than working for anyone else anyway. I really enjoy sex. I really enjoy creating things, and honestly My attempts at crafting are laughable so I may as well create something I already know how to do. Right? Right.

So that brings Me to porn. Actual hardcore, XXX porn. I have a goal and a vision in My head of how My site will run, and quite frankly I’m excited. I am very tired of seeing porn where women aren’t given the attention they need/want/deserve (in boy/girl porn, at least) and My goal is to have good sex on camera. I don’t want to have porn sex that you see from production companies. I want to enjoy sex for sex, that just happens to have a camera running. I’m a naturally dominant individual while remaining extremely playful, and I want that to show in My porn. I want to share who I am with My fans. That’s what My porn is going to aim to do.

Sure, there will likely be a lot of fucking in beds, but there will hopefully also be handjobs in the back of friends’ cars while driving down the highway, pussy eating while in a secluded part of a theme park, My awkward seduction that involves giggling excessively and pushing people against walls to kiss and grope the living daylights out of them (all of those are real experiences I’ve had off camera). If the chemistry I have with someone involves them tied to a chair with their cock standing at attention while I tease the fuck out of them before slowly sliding Myself onto said cock, AWESOME. Going to film it. If it’s a cute girl who I just want to shower fuck, AWESOME. Going to film it. If it’s just Me, driving and fingering Myself, AWESOME. Going to film it.

I want to create wonderful porn. To Me, wonderful porn is real porn featuring real sex. Creating porn that shows who I am is ultimately going to be all about creating porn where I am in control, where My orgasms are more important than his (assuming I’m shooting with a male), where Her orgasms are just as important as Mine, where laughter happens  and nervous giggles and beautiful people have awesome sex. Cause damnit. That’s the porn I want to see. There’s not enough of it. So I’m going to fucking make it.

haha. get it. fucking make it. haha.

I crack Myself UP!

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