My Little Piggy

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 I just have to share this delightful story about something that happened while I was camming recently. I was on cam in group chat, chatting away with some folks when a guy with a fun username came into My room. I told him that he sounded fun off a few comments that he made, and that I think he & I would have a great time playing together. So he takes Me private and the fun begins.

Like many guys, he was shy at first, asking Me things like where I’m from and what I’m into,  and only admitting that he liked to be called names, oinking and eating. Excellent. This was off to a great start. The session goes on, and I’m calling him My little piggy, telling him to eat, pulling in one of My dildos to tease him further while telling him how I’d fuck his pretty little man pussy while simultaneously feeding him. At this point, we’re cam2cam, and let’s be real…this guy was actually really cute. He starts stroking his cock, eating his hamburger and oinking for Me like a good boy.

Then it gets to the fun part. He confesses that he’d eat a cum burger for Me. Knowing he had a bag full of burgers, I tell him to pull one out and cum onto it. He starts stroking away faster and faster until he cums right onto his burger. And then, I tell him to eat it. But that’s not even the best part.

The best part comes when he’s 2 bites in, his burger hanging from his mouth, his cock still out of his pants, when he suddenly JUMPS up, looks off camera, freaks the fuck out, and quickly logs off cam. FUCKER GOT CAUGHT AND IT WAS THE FUNNIEST SHIT I HAD SEEN ALL DAY. I laughed so hard that I had to take a break.

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