My Experiences in Dating While in The Industry

I’ve spent most of the time I’ve worked in “the industry” single. It’s mainly just easier to remain single than having to weed through the people who want to date me because I’m a fetish they have or they like the idea of dating a porn star.

The thing about dating someone who does porn or fetish work is that while we’re remarkably normal folks, there’s a lot that makes us very different… and those differences tend to take a lot of time to adapt to.

I constantly face potential partners who fetishize Me, putting Me up on a pedestal rather than accepting Me for Me. I’ve turned down people for this. The industry I work in already means I’m subjected to constant objectification, and I want to date a person who doesn’t treat Me the way my fans do. 

There is absolutely no room for secrets in a relationship with Me. I’m blatantly upfront and forthcoming about My life, and that ranges from past experiences with partners to crushes to fears to goals and literally everything in between. I expect that in return. Secrets don’t sit well with me. In fact, they’re a reason I’ve ended past relationships. 

The level of communication required for a successful relationship with a sex worker is at least twice that of a “normal” relationship. There’s no way around that fact.  

I’m very accustomed to running My own show; Sydney Screams is a business that involves hiring, shooting, editing, scheduling, booking, styling, prepping, posting, marketing, organizing, etc. I have found its almost impossible to not incorporate My partner into My business somehow. And that sucks sometimes when I’d rather spend a day focusing on time with My partner rather than doing all of that. 

I’ve had to deal with a jealous boyfriend at the start of My career, a protective and controlling boyfriend immediately after, followed by a slew of females & males who either objectified or disapproved of Me & My career, people I didn’t ever feel comfortable enough to tell about My career, and more. I had a boyfriend who partially respected My career while simultaneously trying to live vicariously through Me. And now, I have a partner who respects My career, while encouraging Me to make it grow, helping Me where I need help, suggests kinky ideas for videos & photos, and is generally wonderful (they’re far from perfect; there are still moments when they fetishize our relationship and Me, but we’re working on it). 

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