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Interview with Hypno Domme Jenny DeMilo

October 4, 2013 - Author: SydneyScreams - Comments are closed

Jenny DeMilo

First off, introduce yourself: Im Jenny DeMilo writer, photographer, equestrian, fetish enthusiast and Professional Hypno-Domme. I’ve been working in the sex business for longer then its polite to say in mixed company. I’ve touched most aspects of sex work but fetish work always will hold a special place in my cold black bitter heart.

What brought you into the fetish industry world? I’ve always be fascinated with all things fetish even as a little girl and couldn’t put a name to it. I was a punk rocker and I suppose I still am in a way. I began my work in the sex business as a Domme, left it behind for a while to work in other areas of sex work and then came crawling back like a bitch. I’m a natural Domme, its just part of who I am.

Jenny DeMilo

What is your favorite aspect of being a professional kinky person?: The freedom to try anything and not be judged for it is big with me as I’m always looking to expand my viewpoint. Also the relationships I’ve built with other kinky sex workers and the support the lend me is often mind blowing.

What are you best known for, and what do you like best or least about that?: My niche is Femdom Hypnosis which is often maligned by the mainstream. Its widely misunderstood by people like payment processors, web hosts, clips sites, etc and the world “hypnosis” as been stricken from some websites because big brother doesn’t understand that its an actual fetish and it is very consensual. As a Hypno-Domme i’m always looking for ways around often restrictive rules so that my work can get out to the masses. It can be really frustrating and it may be called different things on different sites but the fetish is not going away, people who are into hypnosis are really into hypnosis.

Jenny DeMilo

What is the most fun video or shot that you’ve ever been a part of?
all my videos are self shot, self produced and not with otter people
as a result they are a ton of work and well its just me there. My
photos are also self portraits most of the time. Sometimes I colleraberate on audio production with the folks over at who blow my mind when it comes to all things
audio! Anything I do with them puts a smile on my face I cant shake
for days. Plus they make me laugh so hard I almost pee my pants
whenever we work together.

Jenny DeMilo

Where can we find more of you?: Ahhh twitter …. i’m very active on
The Twitter! (@jennydemilo) I also have my own website for my femdom
hypnosis and other assorted fetishes You can find my fetish content on Clips4Sale I maintain a sex industry insiders blog at and I am a Fairy Whore Mother. FWM is a peer to peer sex worker advice blog. I can be found many other places around the web and occasionally participate on fetish websites and assorted forums … You can always Google me!

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