How to Chat with Pornstars (Successfully) 5

You bought access to your favorite pornstar’s snapchat or maybe you just follow them on Twitter, and you’re trying to figure out how to get them to interact with you. You’ve tried saying “Hey” or some variation over and over again, but they just won’t answer. So then you tried “what’s up?” and still no response. You’re getting annoyed or mad! What’s the point of following them or paying for their snapchat if they won’t talk to you?!

Well. Here’s the thing. The more popular a pornstar (or any model, really), the more times a day do they have random fans hitting them up saying the exact same thing. “Hey” or “Hi” or “What’s up?” or “How are you?” from 10, 20, 50, 100 people a day gets…boring, to say the least! It’s not that we don’t want to interact with our fans! In most cases, we want to chat with our customers! But it’s hard to do that when everyone comes to us in the exact same manner, rather than engaging us. What’s “engaging?” It’s starting a real conversation. It’s making an effort to be interesting!

So… how do you do that? Easy!

  1. Respond (politely and respectfully) to post, picture, or snap. See a picture of your fav pornstar that you really like? Respond with “Hey, your outfit is really sexy!” or “Is this part of a bigger set that I can find on your website?” Or maybe they said something that sparks a thought…share your thought (again in a respectful and polite manner). Maybe they’re having a bad day, say something like “I hope your day improves” or tell them a funny joke!
  2. Do not send dick pics! Unless someone specifically asks for pictures of your genitals, don’t send a picture. It’s creepy, it’s rapey, it’s NOT OK. Ever.
  3. Don’t be creepy. What’s creepy? Tweeting the exact same message to a dozen pornstars. Asking what their relatives, friends, or significant other thinks of what they do. Say your comment out loud, then ask yourself “Would I say this if the person was standing in front of me? Would I say this if my mother/sister/girlfriend/wife was around?” If the answer is “no” to either of those questions, don’t say it.

    This is not only creepy, it's also a waste of time. Avoid being that guy.

    This is not only creepy, it’s also a waste of time. Avoid being that guy.

  4. Ask interesting questions. Chances are, we’re asked at least a dozen times each day what our bra size is (more, if we cam often). So instead of asking something generic like “What sizes are your tits” try something like “What’s your funniest on set memory?” or “What’s your personal favorite scene you’ve shot for your website?” Or maybe you share similar interests…strike up a convo about that! Keep it personal and make it something that isn’t easily found on their bio!
  5. Don’t just say “Hi” or “What’s up?” Like I said earlier, it’s boring. It doesn’t make us want to respond and it isn’t engaging. Show us that you’re an interesting individual that wants to be an awesome fan.
  6. Don’t ask for something for free. As in, don’t ask for a followback, don’t ask for free pics or videos, don’t ask for something that benefits you without it benefiting them too. I know that sounds harsh, but keep in mind that we’re doing our job and asking for freebies is considered extremely disrespectful!

    Don't do this! This isn't Costco, there are no free samples.

    Don’t do this! This isn’t Costco, there are no free samples.

  7. Catch them on cam. Pay for a Skype show or catch them on their favorite cam site such as Streamate or MFC. Paying for a cam show means you not only get to chat with them but you can also get a sexy show! Win!!
  8. If all else fails, send them a present from their wishlist or a tip! In many cases, you can occasionally buy the attention of your favorite pornstar. Not always, but sometimes! And keep in mind that a $10 wishlist gift is only going to get you so far.

Remember that your favorite pornstar, cam girl, fetish model, whatever is still a human being…just like you! Treat us with the same respect you’d treat anyone. Don’t be a troll, don’t be a dick, don’t show us your dick, and you’ll probably be just fine. Just like you, we do have lives off the internet and away from our jobs, so if someone doesn’t respond, be patient! Don’t push or keep hitting us up. You’re a fan and we WANT you to interact with us…just be smart about it, please.

Got a specific question about how to chat with your favorite adult performer? Leave a comment asking and I’ll give you my suggestions! 🙂