How I Hustle

I absolutely love hustling, and I don’t just mean hustling guys. The hustle in general: the shooting, the editing, the marketing, the interactions, the scheduling… all of it is a hustle. And I find it super fun.

I imagine many sex workers have a similar hustle to me, but I imagine we all have our own unique way of doing things. For me, I like to hustle hard all the time. I’m constantly go-go-going, and I have tremendous respect for others who hustle as hard as I do (or harder).

I’m all business when it comes to shooting. I get frustrated as fuck when I’m somewhere to work and we spend more time talking or goofing off than shooting. I arrive at a shoot with a goal in mind: Get shit done. Most of my shoots are trade shoots or shoots when I hire models, as I take very few paying shoots anymore. Trade shoots sometimes are the hardest to meet goals during, because usually when I’m shooting trade, it’s with someone I already know, so there’s a lot of chatting and catching up. That’s not a problem…as long as we get shit done. Any trade shoot, I want to walk away with at least 4 clips that are exclusive to me & my stores/sites. Occasionally, when my partner is on a shoot with me, they can see my frustration building when stuff isn’t getting shot…and it’s true. As much as I absolutely love what I do, I’m at a shoot to work, not to hang out. Hanging out can happen and should happen after work is done.

I hate to let content sit and not get edited immediately. Even if I don’t post it for months, I want to know that if I want to post it right now, I can. Usually, all my content is edited and uploaded to servers within 2 days of shooting, unless I’m traveling or working late.

I’ve had shoots booked for March since the beginning of December. I’m a planner, which annoys the hell out of my partner sometimes, but it’s how I have to be if I want to be successful. Some of my planning includes having entire scripts written out weeks in advance so that people know what to expect and can plan for it. Other aspects of planning are as simple as just booking the shoot and putting it in my calendars. I’m obsessive about scheduling and planning.

So why do it all? Because I fucking love what I do. Because I’ve turned something I’m passionate about into a career. I love the hustle, I love the payout, I love the benefits. I’m my own boss, and I have control over my work flow, my image, and my goals.




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