Greedy Goddess

I don’t need anything. I just want everything. Power. Money. Experiences. Lovers. All of it.

My life is beyond comfortable as is. I have everything I could possibly need. But who cares? I want more. Why? Because I’m a Greedy Goddess. I thrive on power. I crave experiences & lovers. I get off on using your money for My lifestyle.

It turns Me on when My boyfriend/submissive is between My legs licking My clit & toying My pussy and he looks up and says “Your vagina is really greedy tonight.” Of course it is. My pussy is greedy every night.

I love it when My puppets & fans send Me gifts. I love collecting new puppets (when they’re actual real puppets, not just admirers and wannabes). I love holding multiple keys.

Fuck it. I just love being greedy.

It’s hilarious when people think that just because I have a submissive that I don’t want others. I collect them, like trinkets. Each one must serve its purpose though, as redundancy is only beneficial to Me when it comes in the form of a pay puppet.

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