Financial Domination

I’m a firm believer that there are many, many variations of Domination. I don’t like the idea that a submissive decides who is a Dominatrix and who isn’t based on their perception of who a person is. It bothers Me that that there is an idea that just because someone is naked on the internet or acts out fetishes in videos that are neither Dominate or submissive roles, that suddenly that person is less of a Dom/me. After all, it isn’t a submissive’s role to think. It is their role to obey. And a submissive should be able to obey regardless of whether someone role plays non-dominate roles on the internet. Cause, ya know, it’s role play (oh, did you think videos are all 100% real? That’s precious… Maybe more on that another day).

All that said, there is one major gripe I have. Financial Domination… or rather some of the people who “practice” it. Financial Dom/mes who sell “financial domination” videos at a discounted rate. Financial Dom/mes who gripe on social media about being broke or unable to afford new things (clothes, technology, etc) or can’t pay their bills.

I cannot believe that someone is a financial Dom/me if they’re publicizing that they’re broke. Do you understand how this works? If you’re a financial Dom/me, therefore your public image should reflect that. Real life be damned, you’re selling a product. You are your own product. If people see that you are broke, their perception of you as being a financial Dom/me is broken. They cannot and will not see you in that manner.

Yes, that totally sucks, and it annoys Me beyond belief that submissives will automatically believe that you’re not good at something because of the image put out on Twitter or Facebook or wherever. I don’t believe that there is one true way to practice any fetish or D/s role. But Financial Domination isn’t so much a practice as it is a lifestyle, and a Financial Dominatrix should never be in need.



your hard earned money is Mine

your hard earned money is Mine

 Financial Domination is a very special niche, and I understand that thoroughly. It is one that I absolute loving indulging in. I love being spoiled beyond belief just for the sake of being spoiled. Cash drops from submissives make My panties wet. I love controlling how someone else lives their life down to the last detail of what they eat or whether to buy their girlfriend or wife a present, so that I may continue to live as luxuriously as I desire. And that’s the thing; I live a fairly luxurious life. I have a beautiful home. I have all the kitchen gadgets I desire. My bank account continues to grow. I enjoy indulging in exquisite foods and traveling. The only thing I need?




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