FetishCon 2015

This past weekend was FetishCon 2015, and even though I hadn’t planned on going I still made time to stop by briefly on Sunday between running around St Pete for other shoots. It was difficult to see all the fabulous photos on Twitter & not want to stop by to visit My fetish “family.” So I stopped by long enough to have a couple drinks and say hello to some friends. But, more importantly I had a couple AWESOME shoots!!

Ivy,  TerraMizu & Sydney

see the full photoset on www.sydneyscreams.xxx

Sunday morning started with a shoot with TerraMizu and Hot Fatty Girl, Ivy Davenport. We had a limited time, so we each only got 2 videos in. I’m so excited about My magic transformation/weight gain video the 3 of us shot for My store… I already jumped the gun and posted the photoset on www.sydneyscreams.xxx of the 3 of us together!! We just look so cuteĀ in our bra & panties! After the 3 of us shot together, Ivy and I went out to lunch at a very yummy all you can eat sushi & hibachi place in Clearwater so we could eat and catch up. Then we ran over to the FetCon hotel (where I managed to bump into a bunch of folks in the lobby, of course) and shot a quick video each before I had to run off to shoot with Kristi Maxx.


Sydney Screams & Kristi Maxx

behind the scenes with beautiful Ebony Goddess Kristi Maxx

Oh my gosh, you guys… I shot with Kristi Maxx!! I’ve admired her hustle since she started and very quickly paved the way for a successful career for herself. Women that hustle just make Me so giddy. So We finally got to meet & shoot together, and We had a blast! Not only was she an absolute sweetheart, but the videos We shot look amazing. I cannot wait to edit them and put them up on my various websites (cause We did get a very hot girl girl xxx video, so that will be coming soon to SydneyScreams.xxx soon)! I’ve been professional crushing on Kristi for a while, so seriously it was such an awesome shoot. Again, we didn’t get to shoot a whole lot because of time constraints, but that was ok! We got 4 videos that I’m so excited to edit. I wish Kristi lived closer because she was so fantastic to work with and I would want to work with her all the time. I loved that she was just as mean as I am on cam, and I can’t wait to edit our “forced bi” strap on video.


wet Sydney

I got a little wet…

After shooting with Kristi, I stopped by the FetCon hotel for drinks with some friends and bumped into basically everyone that lives within an hour from me (that I really need to make more of an effort to see regularly), plus some others (who I wish lived close enough for me to see often!). I tried to make it to my last shoot of the day, but ended up getting soaked by the storm (thanks Florida weather…), so I wiped off My makeup and just went home to snuggle the kitties and get ready for my shoot Monday with MILF Kimmie KaBoom. Just the 2.5 shoots were enough to exhaust Me with all the driving around and running around…Plus putting on the bubbly face while at the bar in the hotel. So many people to interact with in such a short amount of time! GAH!

Kimmie KaBoom & I after our shoot!

So Monday morning rolled around, and it was time for My shoot with award winning big titty MILF Kimmie KaBoom! I was so excited to work with Kimmie… We had planned to do a girl-girl video together and I just get so excited to play with beautiful women! Kimmie & Darrell KaBoom were so friendly and so open to all of My crazy ideas. We had so much fun together, shooting a hot girl-girl clip (where I introduced Kimmie to her first glass toy experience!), a bondage clip, some foot play and some belly play. My AC crapped out on us, so that was all we got, but Kimmie was a blast and I cannot wait to work with her again!!!

I feel so incredibly lucky to have the chance to work with so many fantastic people. These ladies definitely made for awesome shoot times Sunday & Monday. Looking forward to another couple of crazy shoots this coming Sunday & Monday with Layla Moore, Gia Love and Betty Jetson. After that, no more shooting until I get back from Jamaica! Hooray for vacation!

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