I come from a family where the way we show love is to feed people. Anytime we had people over or there were family get togethers, there was always one common element: Food. Whether it was my parents cooking for visiting colleagues or family members, or my grandma making huge meals meant to serve 20 when it was just 4 of us eating together, food was a really important part of life for me as I was growing up.

It wasn’t until I joined the fetish community that I knew there was even a fetish for this. I mean, looking back on it, of course there’s a fetish for food, be it for the food itself or the act of feeding. For me, feederism an interesting fetish because it encompasses so much of what was a very important means of showing love when I was young. I’ve been thinking about the fetish more and more over the past year or so…first as I grew as a BBW (haha, pun intended), and then as I stopped purposefully growing. Like many things, aspects of feederism didn’t occur to me until someone pointed it out, and then I wonder “why didn’t I think of that before?” This is the case of me being a feeder rather than a feedee when it comes to the spectrum of how I fit into the Feederism fetish. It’s a kink that I’m realizing was nurtured within me since before I knew what the word “fetish” even meant.

So… what is feederism? It’s the practice of sexually fetishizing feeding, both as a feeder and a feedee. It can include consensual food stuffing, weight gain, finger/hand feeding, etc as well as consensual non-consent acts such as force feeding and bondage feeding.

If you’ve been a fan for more than a minute, you probably remember some of my feeding & weight gain videos on my stores, as well as my controversial decision to no longer participate in weight gain role play. Since that time, I’ve put a lot of thought into my role in feederism, because while the act of being fed is incredibly erotic to me, I don’t enjoy the food stuffing aspect of being a feedee. I’m most definitely a foodie, which if you saw my bank statements you’d understand my love of good food based off restaurants I dine at frequently. I’ve identified as a feeder for quite some time, based on my love of cooking for guests and making sure people got plenty to eat and blah blah blah. But that can also be mistaken for some sort of maternal instinct, I suppose. It wasn’t until I filmed this video with Camille Black that it hit me how sexy I find feeding:

Sydney Immobilizes Camille

Immobilizing Camille

I’ve done dozens of feeding videos with people, so I’m not 110% sure what about this clip exactly made me feel so excited. I have a couple theories though… 1. I enjoy topping for consensual non-consent sessions & scenes. This being a bound feeding made it a consensual non-consent feed. Of course, it was discussed prior to filming or else it wouldn’t have been filmed in the first place, but the role play aspect made it particularly enjoyable for me. 2. I hate hearing from girls “oh that food looks so good… I wish I could eat it, but I have to maintain my weight” which bums me out that many customers of skinnier women bash on them if they gain weight. Call me an enabler, but I think if someone wants to eat an entire bag of chips and candy, they ought to be able to do so without judgement. 3. Food as an aspect of domination just does it for me. Straight up. Whether it’s feeding someone off my feet or shoving food in someone’s mouth, dominating someone into eating is a fun means of domination.

I mean, maybe that’s part of why being a feedee was off-putting for me? I don’t know. That’s something I can think of further down the line.

Here are my top 5 Feederism videos, based on overall sales:

  1. This Will Fatten You Up featuring Ladi Violet & IThis Will Fatten You Up
  2. Feeding Lucy featuring Whitney Morgan, Lucy Skye & meFeeding Lucy
  3. Sydney Feeds Skinny Piggy Whitney featuring Whitney Morgan & ISydney Feeds Skinny Piggy Whitney
  4. Quin Feeds & Fucks Her Captive BBW featuring Miss Quin & IQuin Feeds & Fucks Her Captive BBW
  5. Plump Me Up featuring just mePlump Me Up

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