Chastity Week on Clips4Sale

I’ve never really done a strict series of clips that are meant to be enjoyed day after day for a week, so this week is the first time I’m doing that! Each of my 4 weekday clips this week (Monday, May 4th-Thursday, May 7th) will feature a chastity themed clip.

Last Cum Before ChastityMonday’s clip is all about allowing you to jerk off one last time before you are locked into chastity. Follow my instructions as I guide you through a sensual jerk off encouragement clip; I tease you with my curves, showing off my ass and cleavage as you’re instructed how I want you to jerk off.  You’re reminded that this is your last opportunity to jerk off before your cock is locked up for good.


Time for ChastityTuesday is lock-up day.  Your cock no longer belongs to you, it’s future is now under My control.  I own your orgasms, I own your erections and ultimately falling further under My spell is inevitable.  Once your submission peaks, as you ache to touch your locked little cock, you will belong completely to Me and crave to serve Me.  Chastity is the perfect means to quickly achieve this. Time For Chastity discusses My rules, chastity devices and how you may gain permission to unlock and stroke.

Ass Tease & DenialWednesday is when the real fun (for Me) begins. I love nothing more than to tease you with My perfect Goddess ass. I take pleasure knowing that your penis is straining against your chastity device, making life hard for you.  I wonder how long you can take being confined in that little cock cage?  I remind you of what you must do if you wish to stroke it, but the more I tease you, the further down the rabbit hole you fall. Denying you an orgasm brings Me further pleasure, and let’s be real.. This is about Me and My wants, not yours.

Epic Titty TeaseFinally, Thursday’s clip is truly epic. My epic tits, that is!  Another tease and denial, this time with My all natural tits. That’s right. My DD tits were made to tease weak men like you and I love using your weakness to My advantage.  Either you’ll be so weak to My tits that you pay the cum tax to be released, or you submit to Me further.  In the end I don’t care which you choose; I’ll reap the benefits and rape your wallet when I make you grovel to serve Me or pay Me to cum.

I hope you submissives and slaves are eager to learn more about your lives in chastity under My control.  It’s one of my favorite means to achieve optimal submission from those who wish to serve Me.

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