Where Is The Money?   Sexy agent Sophia Stone has Sydney Screams tied up; Sydney has stolen a large sum of money and refuses to tell Sophia where the money is hidden. Sophia is a skilled interrogation agent, and knows the trick to get Sydney to talk. Sophia begins interrogating […]

Sophia Stone Interrogates Sydney Screams

As I sat on the beach discussing mutual frustrations about time wasters and finding quality sessions with My fellow Domme friend Sarah Diavola and fetish model Chrissy Daniels, it occurred to Me that many people may not understand the true cost of quality. Serving Me is¬†a privilege that only certain […]

The Cost of Quality

Time for Chastity
I’ve never really done a strict series of clips that are meant to be enjoyed day after day for a week, so this week is the first time I’m doing that! Each of my 4 weekday clips this week (Monday, May 4th-Thursday, May 7th) will feature a chastity themed clip. […]

Chastity Week on Clips4Sale

I’ve spent most of the time I’ve worked in “the industry” single. It’s mainly just easier to remain single than having to weed through the people who want to date me because I’m a fetish they have or they like the idea of dating a porn star. The thing about dating […]

My Experiences in Dating While in The Industry

Sydney Devours Kitty
New Exclusively on Clips4Sale!¬†Devouring Kitty Alive   Kitty noticed that I’ve put on some weight lately…that’s ok. I tell her she’s making it up, that I’m on a new diet that is really working out for me. Kitty thinks I’m wrong, and when I try to show her my new […]

Devouring Kitty Alive!

IMG_3498.JPG 5
I am so excited to announce my very first WORLD TOUR! After years of receiving endless inquiries regarding my travel plans and if I would be interested in fucking, I have decided to fulfill every request! Every dick pic that I’ve been sent, every “wanna fuck bb”, every “come to […]

Sydney Screams #FuckAFan World Tour!

Betty Jetson
ok, maybe not ALL the things, but I did a lot this weekend. I’m kind of glad it’s over. I’m tiiiiiiiired! Friday night, Mister Ogre came over and we are lasagna and watched The Simpsons while catching up. Saturday, he and I went and did some urban exploring (one of […]

That Weekend I Did All The Things

I guess you could say I’m finally settled into my house… I mean, as much as I can be without things like curtains and area rugs. It’s so weird to me… less than 3 months ago, we were rushing to find a house that was within our budget. And then […]

Settling In and Relationshipping

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A few months ago, I was contacted by someone from a company called “Sex Entertainment Networt,” claiming to shoot for companies such as, The Spice Network, Swank Magazine and more. I looked into the sites they sent over and noticed one major problem: none of these sites shoot BBW’s. […]

Who is SexeNet/Sex Entertainment Network?