Catch Me on Cam!

It’s true! I’ve started camming regularly! Well, more regularly than I used to. I’ve been online at least once a week now, whereas before I was only on cam once every few months…at most. Well, now you can catch me on cam, in a number of places!

If you don’t follow me on twitter, you may not have seen my announcement about a month ago about having quit my 9-5 office job. I love the career path I chose in my vanilla career, but I’d never given full time sex work a chance. With my upcoming move to Las Vegas, I thought “what better time than now to give it a shot!” I’m still adjusting to having more available time, so I don’t have an exact cam schedule right now. But I’m working on it! Not having a vanilla career means that I have more time to shoot (I had a whopping 15 shoots with other ladies & gentlemen during the month of March!) and more time to be on cam.

BBW Sydney ScreamsI’ve had a lot of fun camming so far, and I really would like to devote more time to it. Previously, I hadn’t spent any time on any token based sites, but I’ve been trying out Chaturbate and love the fun apps/games I can play with those in my room! But, that’s not to say I don’t enjoy Streamate as well. It’s just very different! I love getting to explore both sites, and I’m probably not going to limit myself to those two until I’ve had a chance to play with other sites as well.

Be sure to follow me on both sites so that you can have notifications about when I’m online! Especially if you’ve always wanted to chat with me on cam but I wasn’t accepting shows. I think in the very near future, I’ll start doing Skype shows as well! I just need to further adjust to my new schedule, or lack there of, and then I’ll be able to be on cam even more!!

Thank you to all my customers, fans, and followers for being patient with me as I adjust, and I hope to chat with you all on cam soon!!

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