So, as a new “thing” I’m going to do, I’ve started asking people on Twitter to submit questions about topics they want to know my opinion and feelings on. Here is the first of what will hopefully be many posts!

First topic of discussion? Ballbusting!

When I first started exploring fetishes on camera, one of my very first shoots with a male was with the wonderful Slave Andy. He warned me ahead of time that ballbusting was like opening a can of Pringles; once you pop, the fun don’t stop! I was admittedly very hesitant; I had only kicked guys in the balls when they had wronged me, and Andy hadn’t done that! But, I gave it a go.

Sydney Ballbusting Slave Andy


Needless to say, I had a great time. Andy was right, once I started, I couldn’t stop!!

Ballbusting is exactly what it sounds like: busting balls. Kicking, kneeing, punching, slapping, whatever. Obviously, it isn’t for everyone. I think it’s a pretty specific thing to be into on the receiving end…hell, even on the giving end, I don’t know if everyone is into it!

For a while, I had a great client who was really into ballbusting. I would see him once a month or so, and he just loved ball stomping. Of all my clients I miss, he was in the top 5. He was a big dude, and he’d drop his pants, sit back on a chair, spread his legs open and I’d just go to town, alternating between kicking, kneeing and stomping. He would always book me for 2-3 hours, but he could never handle the entire time, even when I’d go “gently.”

Last year for Halloween, a fellow FemDom friend of mine had a party at her home, and the evening ended with me slapping a guy in the balls. Even through his jeans, my slap had him on the floor crying for a while. It was exhilarating. It was sexy. It turned me on so much.

Over the years, ballbusting has become something that I get to do less of. People into it have become few and far between, and I haven’t had a session request for ballbusting in years.¬†Halloween 2013 was an absolute fluke; the guy said he had never been slapped in the balls and asked me to slap him.

Sydney Ballbusting Her Perverted Brother

It saddens me a bit; I love the power of annihilating someone’s balls, demeaning them into a beta male from their typical alpha male standard. I love that male genitals are a symbol of power, and I get to destroy it. Bringing them down to a level below me, watching them cower on their hands and knees before me, begging for mercy but never using a safe word… It is incredibly erotic to have that kind of power.

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