Sydney Pantyhose Giantess
Sydney walks into the kitchen to discover her appetizers for a dinner party have tried to escape. There are tiny men all over the kitchen floor trying to run away! This just will not do. Sydney’s amazon, pantyhose clad legs torment the tiny men, as her stiletto high heels threaten […]

Pantyhose Giantess Eats Crushes Tiny Men

Layla Moore and Kitty have been so well behaved lately, that I want to reward them with a very special treat. Their reward is pleasing Me by worshipping My feet. Anyone who knows Me, knows how much foot worship pleases Me, and I just love cute girls each taking their […]

Dominating Kitty & Layla with My Feet

Sydney Immobilizes Camille
Sydney’s New Years resolution was to start losing weight, and so far it’s been going great! But she misses stuffing her face with delicious fatty foods. After a delicious salad at her favorite restaurant, Sydney waited for her waitress, Camille, to get off work and snatched her. Camille wakes up […]

Immobilizing Camille

Oiled Up Belly & Boobs JOI
I love watching you stroke your big cock for me, and I know how much you love my big, fat, chubby belly & big tits. Because you love my big body, I want you to jerk your dick for me. I sensually pour oil on my body as I rub […]

Oiled Up Belly & Boobs JOI

Drink My Spit
From now on, the only thing you’re allowed to drink is My spit. Don’t worry, I have plenty of spit for you to drink. I’ve been drinking & eating lots of delicious things to help build the saliva in My mouth. you’re going to beg for the pleasure of drinking […]

Drink My Spit

A Genie Transformation 2
Ordering a custom video is exciting. You sit in the director’s chair and bring your ultimate fantasy to life with a custom video. Maybe you’ve inquired with your favorite model about getting a custom fetish video and the price was more than you anticipated. You probably wonder “How can a […]

The Real Cost of Custom Videos

Sydney Screams ManyVids
  I’m excited to announce a special deal for My customers!! ManyVids is one of the fastest growing clip store sites out there. Ranking is super important for getting noticed by new customers, which is where you guys come in! I’ve got about 75 videos on My store, most of […]

Get a Free Membership to

BBW Sydney Screams
It’s true! I’ve started camming regularly! Well, more regularly than I used to. I’ve been online at least once a week now, whereas before I was only on cam once every few months…at most. Well, now you can catch me on cam, in a number of places! If you don’t […]

Catch Me on Cam!

After the last blog I wrote about my struggles with depression & anxiety as a sex worker, a lot of conversations were had with fellow sex workers about finding the motivation to work while struggling with depression & anxiety. A couple people came to me and asked for tips or […]

Mental Health & Sex Work: Part 2