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The time has come for Me to accept applications for potential new puppets to meet certain desires! It is important for a Goddess to have devoted servants, and I find Myself wanting to have a few new dedicated worshippers directly serving Me. I am now accepting applications from male & female submissives who are ready to serve Me in various ways. Service to Me is a privilege not a right, and should be treated as such. Unless otherwise stated, an in person interview is required for all positions. Interviews are held at My convenience.

  1. Filming Puppet. Looking for on camera slaves who are ready to explore the depths of their submission to Me. I desire both male & female submissives for videos ranging from foot fetish to ballbusting to impact play to pegging. These puppets will be comfortable on camera. When applying as a film puppet, specify what you are willing to do on camera & limitations. If you’re unsure of what I film, click here and be aware that I’m only seeking submissive on-camera slaves, no switches. Note that I prefer to avoid masks, so if you’re unable to be on camera without one, your application may be rejected.  If your work makes it so you cannot be on camera, but you have a good eye for angles for both photos & videos, I am looking for a talented camera person available for bi-weekly shoots. Please show examples of previous work when emailing.

    Worship your Goddess

    Worship your Goddess

  2. Web Promotion Puppet. A loyal and devoted follower to tweet all of My clips, My blogs, My photos, My wishlist, and anything related to Me. Not only will you retweet My posts, you will also proactively post on your own about Me. You will be a Sydney Screams “evangelist.” You will actively seek out to find pirated content and report it (as all of My puppets should be doing anyway). You will serve as My web promotion slave, and if a certain level of trust is achieved, your duties could include posting advertisements here on My blog about My latest clips and posting updates on My website & clip stores. The position of promotion puppet does not require an in person interview.
  3. Foot Puppet. You will attend to all of My foot needs, including bi-weekly pedicures and the purchasing of new shoes, socks and pantyhose as desired. My perfect feet require regular pampering, and you’ll be responsible for ensuring My feet are absolutely divine.

    Mesmerized by My Feet

    Mesmerized by My Feet

  4. Financial Puppets. Your entire purpose is spoiling Me and making sure that My every want & need is met. Naturally, a Goddess cannot have too many financial servants so the more the merrier. My happiness is your only worry, meaning your life can suffer so that I may continue to live luxuriously. Your  on going financial contributions to My life mean you will work longer hours, stop spending money on yourself, and devote your life to Me. Financial puppets may live anywhere without requiring an in person interview. A review of your financial standing, income, etc is expected, however. Those visiting Orlando or Tampa may have real time financial sessions…the idea of discreetly humiliating you as I make you pay handsomely to take Me to dinner after a day of shopping makes My panties wet.
  5. Chores/Errand Puppet. The most domestic position I have available for a submissive. Your duties may include running My errands such as grocery shopping and doing housework such as painting or lawn mowing. Occasionally it may include serving tea or cocktails for My friends and I. This is not a houseboy/housegirl position. I have a live in submissive already and I am not looking for another to take over their existing duties, though there will occasionally be some need for cleaning to My standard if they’re away.

Applications to serve Me should be sent to with the subject line of which role you’d like to apply for. Your application should include your name, phone number, age with birthdate, and a recent photo. Include all relevant information as to what makes you qualified for the position. Do not send multiple emails before I have a chance to respond. Only applicants who tribute or whose skills meet My desires will receive a response. 

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  • Adrian Mooney

    I am very interested in becoming your puppet on screen. I have always enjoyed your films and you are my idol. I am male and26. If you need in-depth details about me just email any questions.