A Quick Business Lesson & Fat Chat 3

Let me start off by saying I have no business degree beyond my marketing degree. There’s a lot of what I consider to be “Common Knowledge” that apparently isn’t as common as I thought. I feel like it’s time for a little bit of a lesson for people.

We’re going to skip “Supply and Demand” and just go straight for the “demand.” The demand for an item or product is what drives sales. This is fact for any company, whether they sell a service or a physical product. While companies can do things to create demand (limiting availability or creating a buzz, for instance), there’s no guarantee things will pay off (i.e., Hollywood movies with a ton of buzz created that just didn’t live up to the hype & tanked).

So… how does this apply to porn/fetish/sex work?

Companies will not hire talent that do not have a guaranteed ROI. Today, there was a debate on Twitter about what categorizes girls (in this case, it was specifically what makes a BBW) that kind of spun off into a “trying to get BBWs into mainstream porn” conversation. Which is great, and I’m all about it! I’d love to see more plus size women in mainstream porn, and even doing more “mainstream” fetish work.

The problem isn’t necessarily the company doing the hiring. The cause falls to the viewers (not entirely. There is a split of “blame” between companies & consumers). Even though there is a growing fanbase for plus size women (BBW and all the subcategories, such as curvy, chubby, thick, stacked, plump, SSBBW, etc), that doesn’t mean that it’s caught up to the major companies… yet.

Proof? Look no further than Sam38G and Kelly Shibari, both of whom have been in the industry for quite some time and have been on mainstream porn sites as well as the BBW only sites.

It isn’t that companies aren’t trying. They are. Look at Kick Ass Pictures, Fuck A Fan, Homegrown, Penthouse, Hustler, Reality Kings, etc. They’re trying, but companies have to have a profit. That’s what keeps them around.

Case and point: iPads. Tablets aren’t a new thing within the last decade. Tablets were introduced long before iPads. But consumers weren’t ready to make them a thing, so they were pushed back until the time was right. And now? Tablets are almost as necessary as a desktop computer! There are currently 4 (maybe 5) iPads in my home that get used just as often as actual full fledge computers.

I honestly don’t think that mainstream porn viewers are quite ready for BBW women. I want them to be, but it’s going to take more nurturing. I say this because it’s only recently that Tess Holiday made waves with being a size 22 mainstream model. It’s only recently that Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy became leading ladies in films. This is forcing people to adjust themselves. Its making them uncomfortable to fantasize about women that aren’t Victoria’s Secret models. And that’s fucking awesome. Why? Because change only comes out of discomfort. It’s vital that we remember that women aren’t the only ones impacted about standards of beauty. Men are too. 

I think that it’s not going to take much longer for porn tastes to catch up with the rest of the world. But we’re not there yet. I’m hoping we’ll get there soon!!

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3 thoughts on “A Quick Business Lesson & Fat Chat

  • Sam38g

    Oh my, ya’ll are focusing on the wrong things.
    The money isn’t in shooting for mainstream porn companies, it is in camming. Here is something none of you want to hear. If you want to be a mainstream porn girl, you will need to lose weight. You need to look more mainstream.
    You are worried about getting mainstream shoots? WhY?
    That isn’t where the money is, a skinny girl porn career last about 3 months now. There are very few girls who make it past that length of time.

    Money isn’t in shooting porn but doing your own thing. That takes work, it takes doing your own site, like through model centro, camming, building up your social media followers. Hanging on to the concept you only make money or big money in porn by shooting for mainstream porn companies is Bullshit…. Cause if that is true, then why do 90% of porn star work as prostitutes.

    Only thing left in porn that mawaykes money is niche porn like clips4sale & camming. Now, many of you have complained to me that there is no money in camming. When asked how many hours a week you cammed, it was shocking very little. As in under 5 hours a week, NOBODY is successful at 5 hours a week of work.

    How many of you cam 40 hours a week? Treat it like a full time job? How many of you film, edit & upload videos on c4s like a full time job?

    Ball is in your hands, but way to few of you take advantage of the awesome opportunities out there today. I have never waited for porn companies to make me a star. Didn’t wait for them to do anything for me. I hustle. No company bbw or not gives a fuck about your, ONLY you can turn yourself into a money making star.

    What are you waiting for?


    • Sydney Post author

      I agree, Samantha! I’m definitely going to follow up with another blog that expands on what you’re saying here.

      I know that everyone’s priorities are different, and I think it’s great, but nobody is ever going to a millionaire doing “indie” porn. That being said, you and I both know there are a lot of ways to make great money doing your own thing. I gave up (very recently) on shooting for bigger companies when I know I can make just as much and then some doing my own XXX instead of just doing the femdom & fetish work I’ve been doing for years now.

  • Jenny DeMilo

    I agree the money is not in doing mainstream porn work! However as a former prostitute 90% of porn actors are not working as escorts. Some cross over yes, but escorting has its on business model just like you cant be successful camming in 5 hours a week you cant be successful fucking for money if you don’t do the things escorting requires on the business side. Just because you can/have fuck(ed) on film does name you a successful escort.

    I would also like to take issue with the bigger girl in porn idea that the audience isnt ready. I think they audience is ready! I think the people who run porn companies are not ready. Having worked on that side ( though it was admittedly a very long time ago) its easy to say “its always been done this way so it needs to continue to be done this way or we’ll lose money” There are lots of main stream porn viewers who would like to see girls who dont look like they need a fucking sandwich… fucking. They want to see people who look like the people in thier daily life as much as they want to see the “fantasy” They have to go out of the mainstream to see the former it and thats one reason that cam girls and fetish girls get business from them and are successful because people like all different kinds of things. However mainstream porn companies and those that run them all like twiggy very young girls with fake tits and anything that falls out of that very small preference is to them considered a “fetish” which they will market on sales channels under different names.